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Using the SAL2 System, students can acquire new braille skills and enhance their braille reading and writing. Students place a paper braille worksheet on the Talking Tactile Tablet (TTT) and follow voiced instructions for using the system. This interactive learning station allows students to independently practice skills and develop proficiency in concepts introduced by their teacher. 

The virtual instructor in SAL2 provides encouraging audio feedback as students work their way through each lesson. SAL2 gives students immediate feedback about the accuracy of their work; "Correct", "Great", "Try Again", etc. Students work at their own pace. They hear their score after finishing each activity which is a great motivator. SAL2 allows students to repeat an activity in order to improve their score. This repetition helps student achieve mastery of the material. 

Using the Main Menu, teachers and students can make adjustments to speech rate, pitch, volume, touch sensitivity... and more. 

The SAL2 System records student performance. Teachers can access the record keeping on individual student activities as well as an overview of student progress. Great for IEP's!

Watch a video of a 7 year old student using the SAL2 on the TTT!

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